Rising Damp

Have I got rising damp problems?

Eight tell tale signs that rising damp is taking over your home

  1. Build-up of mould on walls and furniture
  2. Rotting window frames, floorboards and skirting boards
  3. Paint won’t adhere to the walls
  4. Lifting of wallpaper
  5. Flaky or bubbling plaster
  6. Appearance of stains and tidemarks
  7. Damp patches appearing on walls
  8. Rusting of metal fasteners.

What is rising damp?

Rising damp is among the primary causes of damp in buildings.

Rising damp occurs when moisture from the ground rises vertically up through the fine pores within the masonry or walls of a building via a capillary attraction. Water can subsequently rise up the wall to a height in excess of 1.5 meters. This water carries salts from the ground into the masonry walls .When the water evaporates it leaves behind the ground salts which can then cause contamination of the plaster work. This process will continuously repeat until treated.

The 3 main reasons for this are

  1. Lack of an existing damp proof course.
  2. The bridging of a damp proof course.
  3. The break down or failure of a damp proof course.

If you believe that your home is suffering from a rising dampness related issue, then get in touch and we will help you figure out the cause and help you uncover the right solutions.

Some of our rising damp before & afters

Problems caused by rising damp

  • Damage to the structural integrity of the property
  • Development of internal mould within the property
  • Allergies and respiratory illnesses caused mould and dust mites
  • Spoiling of decorative finishes.
  • Increased heating costs as heat passes more freely between the damp walls.

How can Damp Cure Ltd help?

Damp cure Ltd supply a full rising damp treatment and prevention service.

Firstly! We diagnose the cause of the problem

Secondly! We install chemical damp proofing course and re-plaster in accordance to BS6576 ( This is the British standard code of practice)

Thirdly! We prevent further damage with our innovative techniques and guarantee our work for 10 years in accordance with building regulations and compliance