Penetrating Damp

Have you got a problem with penetrating damp?

Six tell tale signs you have a penetrating damp problem

Localised damp spots — Blotchy damp patches on interior walls.

Plaster Damage – Plaster and paint damage and deterioration

Wet Rot — Rotting skirting boards or timber.

Brickwork damage – crumbling damaged exterior brickwork

Mould – The smell and appearance of mould.

Moss — Excessive moss growth on external walls.

What is penetrating damp?

Rain penetration (more well known as penetrating damp) is a common form of dampness in homes. It can occur through walls, roofs or openings such as window reveals.

A lot of the jobs we deal with are caused by penetrating damp. Water usually gets into the external envelope of a building and travels inside.

Some of our penetrating damp before & afters

Problems causing penetrating damp

  • Roof structure problems such as faulty flashing, broken or lost slates or tiles.
  • Faults in brickwork or masonry, broken pointing, porous bricks etc.
  • Missing or faulty mastic around windows and doors.
  • Blocked or damaged guttering.
  • High ground levels.

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How can Damp Cure Ltd help?

Damp cure Ltd supply a full penetrating damp treatment and prevention service.

Firstly! We identify the cause of the problem

Secondly! We treat the problem, restore the affected areas and supply a full penetrating damp investigation treatment and prevention service

Thirdly! We prevent further damage to both commercial and domestic properties with our innovative techniques